We think big even for the smallest details

our packaging material protect your products with top quality packaging ,studied with great care in all details to guarantee you freshness, integrity and a winning look.

    Flexible, Rigid & metal packaging material

  • 9 layers high barrier shrink bags & films for meat & poultry industry & cheese It comes in different shapes (round bottom, side seals & straight seals) different sizes, different microns & printing up to 8 colours.
  • Vacuum bags for poultry & cheese & meat
  • Artificial polyamide casing for sausages (Mortadella) & Cheese loafs ,we can supply any calibre (plain & printed)
  • Fibrous casing & cellulose It can be supplied in form of cut pieces clipped or with loop, reels, shirred. Our fibrous casing has superior tensile strength thanks to Abaca fibers, which results to an excellent size consistency of the finished meat products. It comes in different calibres & printing up to 8 colours.
  • Extruded net, tubular Elastic, polyester, cotton net, plastic net for cured & cold cut products & loops for poultry $ meat industry. We do also for the packaging of boiled meat (ham, sausages),smoked meat (ham, bacon).We also supply Raschel bags, bale net wrap, silage net, shade net, pallet net wrap
  • Aluminium coil for poultry clips & sausage clips & non-food industry, aluminium metalize coating wires, alloyed gas shield welding wire, multipurpose special aluminium wires.
  • aluminium foil for triangle, cheese, processed cheese& other food industry
  • We supply large assortment of thermoforming rigid materials such as PP, PVC, PE & PET, LDPE & HDPE, extrusion & monolayer in sheets & rolls. We also could supply readymade trays with any sizes & moulds especially made for each customer such as CPET trays.